Who should you pick for March Madness 2023?

ONEsee it NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournamentapproaches, the excitement is palpable as fans debate which team will come out on top.

With a recent trend of one team dominating the competition, this year’s tournament is set to become more unpredictable, with several teams having a chance to upset the favourites.

According to completed Men’s Bracket Challenge Game bracketare the two best picks for this year’s tournament Houston and Alabamawith 20.14% and 15.22% of parentheses by selecting them, respectively. However, there are several other teams worth considering for your bracket.

Last year’s defending champions, Kansaswas selected by 9.63% of completed brackets to win, making them the third-highest pick. Corresponding to No. 3 seed Gonzaga was picked as champion in more brackets than all four No. 2 seeds and even No. 1 Purdue, with 9.21% of brackets that pick them to win.

As for seeding, No. 5 seed duke received slightly more title picks than the No. 2 seed Marquettewith 3.17% and 3.13% of parentheses by selecting them, respectively. UConn, a No. 4 seed, was the most popular pick for their seed, with 2.08% of parentheses predicting that they would go all the way.

If you are looking for a real one cinderella story, No. 12 seed Oral Roberts was the top pick from the double-digit seed line, with 0.52% of brackets that predicted they would win the championship.

An interesting trend this year is that no single team dominates the selections. Houston’s 20.14% the mark is the lowest for a most chosen Men’s bracket challenge game created since 2018 Villanova on 17.52%. This has led to slightly more scattered selections, with seven teams reaching the minimum 5% of the selections compared to only five teams last year.

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It’s also worth noting that a low pick percentage doesn’t necessarily mean a team can’t win it all. In 2014, UConn won the championship despite being only selected by 0.23% of the Men’s Bracket Challenge Game bracket. This year, a higher percentage chooses No. 12 Oral Robertsso anything can happen in March Madness 2023.

So, who should you choose for your bracket? With so many teams having a chance to upset the favorites, it’s a tough call. But with the right strategy and a little luck, you can be the one to predict this year march madness champion.

Full table with teams

Here is a list of the teams that at least 1% of MBCG bracket has predicted to win the championship.

  1. Houston – 20.14
  2. Alabama – 3:22 p.m
  3. Kansas – 9.63
  4. Gonzaga – 9.21
  5. Purdue – 7.70
  6. UCLA – 5.78
  7. Texas – 5.61
  8. Arizona – 4.73
  9. Duke – 3.17
  10. Marquette – 3.13
  11. UConn – 2.08
  12. Baylor – 1.33
  13. Tennessee – 1.06

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