The Houston Rodeo’s Foodie Awards boil down to a huge sensation and pass on carnival favorites

The Houston Rodeo’s Foodie Awards boil down to a huge sensation and pass on carnival favorites
The Houston Rodeo’s Foodie Awards boil down to a huge sensation and pass on carnival favorites

As a 30-year-old music legend, the mastermind behind the hottest smash burger in the country, and a devoted family man, Bun B have learned to be reasonable in life.

So it’s no surprise that Houston’s hip-hop icon and OG is sounding very Don Corleone in his message to the person or persons who ran off with his custom UGK poncho after his historic RodeoHouston Southern Takeover at NRG Stadium on Friday the 3rd. March. is offering a $1,000 reward for the custom poncho designed by chic fashion brand Purple.

But, the clock is ticking for the offender.

“We’ve already made some progress,” Bun B tells CultureMap exclusively regarding the search. “I pretty much know where the case is. We just try to allow [who’s responsible] to do the right thing. I don’t want to have to publicly embarrass anyone over this. I’m a fair person: Just give me back what’s mine quietly, and I’ll settle it quietly.”

A reasonable offer, right? Bun B tells us there was “no way” the item was just misplaced – it was clearly taken. In short, the offender can still do this right. Or things can go very badly for him or her.

“If I have to make noise to get this back, somebody’s going to be embarrassed,” Bun adds. “I don’t need to do anything to anyone. Just the public embarrassment of being ostracized as the person who took this from me on such a memorable night will do more than enough damage to their public – and frankly, their professional – reputation as well.”

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While he doesn’t want to go out with them—yet—for their safety, Bun assures us that his team is closing in on the party responsible for lifting the famous poncho made by Purple, the hot New York-based fashion brand. Purple’s co-founder, Luke Cosby, is a success story from Houston; he moved to NYC last year and thus holds Rodeo — and Bun B and his legendary act UGK — dear. In fact, Bun B taking the stage wearing a poncho emblazoned with the logo of the rap duo he co-founded with the late Pimp C was a seminal moment for Rodeo — and Houston.

And so ideally, this poncho would become a piece of Rodeo history, one preserved in the halls of NRG Stadium like other hallowed pieces of concert memorabilia from past shows. Thus, the person or persons who have taken the poncho are not only messing with Bun B and Cosby, but Rodeo history as well, Bun adds.

“Here’s the thing: Just the thought that I don’t own the garment, it’s not a big deal,” he continues. “If it got damaged or something like that, I would be fine with it, because the moment was documented and it served its purpose. But this was a one-off made by one of the top designers in the country – Luke Cosby – who is from Houston and has one of the hottest brands in the country right now. And if nothing else, the man wanted to keep the piece for posterity. Rodeo might want it in a glass house, to preserve for history. And you disturb that, you disturb the fate of this poncho, its last resting place.”

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Bun even manages to chuckle about how things on stage have become a cultural headline. “There’s a lot more attention to an article of clothing I think I’ve ever seen in my entire life — outside of a homicide investigation,” he says. Our OG also agrees that this poncho theft is reminiscent of an NFL GOAT jersey that was stolen after Super Bowl XLIX in 2017.

“Oh yeah, this is definitely the Houston equivalent of Tom Brady’s jersey,” he says with a laugh. “This is the TB12 jersey after the Super Bowl.”

Joking aside, Bun B’s team, Rodeo staff and others are “constantly” looking for the poncho and take the (alleged) theft seriously – namely for the offender’s sake. To that end, Bun B keeps it reasonable – for now – for him it’s less about the theft of a garment and more about the consequences for the person who stole it.

“Look, I’m not going to cry because I ain’t f*cking poncho,” he says. “But I’ve had several scenarios where people have done me wrong. I’ve tried my best to resolve these things quietly because I know that if I pointed at someone and said “this person did me wrong” that they would basically be excommunicated. In the city of Houston, the opportunities will be very difficult for them. And I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

Bun B has spoken. The person in charge listens with hope.

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