Texas’ first glow-in-the-dark playground lights up in Farmers Branch

Texas’ first glow-in-the-dark playground lights up in Farmers Branch
Texas’ first glow-in-the-dark playground lights up in Farmers Branch

Fair warning to parents: A new Dallas-area playground will have kids who want to stay up past their bedtimes. Joya at Oran Good Parkin Farmers Branch, set to open this summer, will be the first glow-in-the-dark playground in DFW and all of Texas.

Meaning: When the sun goes down, the real fun begins.

“Joya will be an inclusive glowing playground that, while fun during the day, will come alive at night with interactive features that light up so you can play day and night,” reads a description on the Farmers Branch website. (See a video rendering here.)

Translated as “jewel” in Spanish, Joya will have both a main play area (for ages 6+) and a tot play area (for ages 2 to 5).

The main playground will span around 18,000 square meters and highlights will include:

  • 27 foot ball with 6 levels of climbing, swings and slides
  • Zip line with interactive lights
  • Spin Zone with LED lights
  • Remember
  • Obstacle course
  • Glowing seats

The 7,000 square meter playground will be in a fenced area and include:

  • Illuminated seating area under adapted shade structures
  • Turf filling game
  • Natural sensory play area
  • Two gated entrances
  • Ground level and ramp structured play
  • LED illuminated spin zones

Oran Good Park is located at 13300 Dennis Ln., at the corner of Tom Field Road and Valley View Lane, in Farmers Branch.

According to Local Profile, it will open at the end of August and will offer not only a fun, lighted playground for the kids, but also activities for the whole family, with daytime and nighttime events year-round.

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The project is funded by a $750,000 grant from the state of Texas Parks & Wildlife and $4,000,000 from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act, the city says.

“The Oran Good Park location was strategically chosen for Joya not only for its central location and visibility, but also for the unique topography and natural features of the site, most of which will remain intact,” the website said. “The location has Farmers Branch Creek and hiking trails that will remain.”

As part of the planning process, city staff studied potential environmental impacts and negative effects of light pollution. All their specifications are expected to meet International Dark Sky Association (IDA) and National Audubon Society guidelines, they say.

“A riparian buffer will be planted around the creek to help with runoff, pollutants and erosion, and will invite wildlife.” they say. “Birds, toads, butterflies and all other creatures will exist in perfect harmony on Joya.”

To follow the park’s progress, visit the park’s website and follow on Facebook.

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