Revitalization of the east side

Revitalization of the east side
Revitalization of the east side

Revitalization of the east side

  • by Jordan Mixson
  • March 6, 2023

The Jaguars and the Jacksonville community have come together to revitalize the “OutEast,” a once-thriving black community whose economic activity declined due to civil rights unrest.

The Jaguar Foundation has been the driving force behind the beautification of the Eastside business district. To revitalize and rejuvenate the neighborhood, six public art murals were installed by professional muralists including local artists Chris Clark, Tatiana Kitchen and Jarett Walker as part of the Jax Wall Project. With the help of community volunteers and local business owners, the Jax Wall Project, managed by Elena Ohlander, helped oversee six stunning murals that reflect the people of this historic neighborhood. The project was joined by Florida’s own Zulu Painter from St.Petersburg, who created one of the masterpieces along The Ave. Thanks to these artists and the hard work of community members, the Eastside has been transformed into a vibrant, diverse community with beautiful art murals. To ensure that the voices of the Eastside Historic Neighborhood community were heard, the Eastside Legacy Business Council was recently formed.

The Jaguars Foundation, in partnership with ELBC, is spearheading the revitalization of the Eastside. With the help of volunteers, community members and business owners, the area is seeing a resurgence. The organization has implemented beautification projects, including art murals and other public art initiatives, to bring life to the district. They have also supported the development of new businesses and attractions, such as 9A Brewing Company, to draw visitors to the area. By providing resources and encouraging collaboration between business owners and local residents, the Jaguars Foundation and ELBC work to create a unique and vibrant atmosphere that celebrates the history and culture of Jacksonville’s historic Eastside.

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The Eastside of Jacksonville is poised to once again become a vibrant and active place that serves the greater community. The Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation has been instrumental in funding community projects aimed at beautifying the area. This includes painting art murals and public art installations throughout the neighborhood. Community Leader Kady Yellow, who specializes in meaningful placemaking, has contributed many hours doing the groundwork to connect with community business owners, the Jaguars Foundation and Jacksonville Police to help with an effective strategy to revitalize key areas of the street .

Placemaking is defined as leveraging a community’s existing assets by consciously planning and designing public spaces that promote happiness, health and general well-being.

Local businesses and entrepreneurs are also starting to move into the area, offering products and services that serve the community.

To ensure the continued success of Eastside, there is a need for continued commitment and volunteerism. Not a cosmetic solution, but an empowering solution that enhances 2nd and 3rd generation business owners supported by passionate locals.

There are many opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to get involved in the revitalization work. Local businesses are looking for volunteers to help with marketing and promotion. Community members have come together to form the Eastside Leadership Board Committee (ELBC) to bring together all stakeholders in the area to create a thriving, safe and prosperous neighborhood.

ELBC is always looking for new members and volunteers who want to make a difference. Interested persons may contact President Avery McKnight directly at [email protected]

With continued investment, volunteerism and support from all parties, the Eastside will soon be a destination for business, culture, entertainment and fun.

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