Our Houston Chronicle Illustrator Goes to Rodeo – Reluctantly

Our Houston Chronicle Illustrator Goes to Rodeo – Reluctantly
Our Houston Chronicle Illustrator Goes to Rodeo – Reluctantly

I’m familiar with how frustrating the state’s schtick can be. Growing up, my foreign cousins ​​always asked why I didn’t have an accent, a horse, a 10-gallon hat, or the attitude for it, all of which seemed completely false when held up against the realities of my suburban childhood on the northwest side of San Antonio . The questions continued when I moved to New England, and finally—capitulating to the weight of societal expectations—I bought a pair of cowboy boots.

But Ken has taken a stronger stance against Texas exceptionalism, and part of that stance is that he doesn’t go to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

So when I signed up to write a story about Rodeo’s Birthing Center, hoping that the kids would say the worst things when confronted with the miracle of birth, I was really looking forward to going to the Rodeo with Ken. (We thought the kids would be so funny that we could draw cartoons of the things they said.)

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I overestimated the kids’ reactions, but not the experience of going to the Rodeo with Ken. So I will share some highlights.

As we drove up I asked him how much he thought parking was. When he finally guessed, after three attempts that were far too low, he sighed. “Twenty-five dollars and you park and you’re at the Rodeo,” he said grimly.

When the woman at the gate told us to have fun, he gave a simple “hah.” Then, after a short tram ride from the parking lot to the property, another woman asked us to “Yeehaw!” he sat in stoic silence.

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Then we were in the middle of it – surrounded by the smell of dung and fried food and the banter of students. Ken looked worriedly at a terrarium filled with broken eggshells and a ragged chicken lying on its side. “Oh!” he said as the lady jumped up. “Little friend, I thought you were a gone!”

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