It’s raining plays! | 1–7 March 2023

It’s raining plays!  |  1–7  March 2023
It’s raining plays!  |  1–7  March 2023

In 1954, the playwright N. Richard Nash published one of his most central works: “The Rainmaker”. The play centered on an intriguing character and concept: A man arrives in a drought-ravaged town, promises to make it rain in exchange for $100, and consequently captures the attention of a single young woman and her family. Two years later, the play was successfully adapted into a film, the screenplay of which was also written by Nash, starring Katharine Hepburn and Burt Lancaster. Over the next few years, Nash put a new spin on the play and brought a musical adaptation to Broadway, titled “110 in the Shade.” The musical has continued to be produced in the decades since, most notably by the New York City Opera in 1992 and, more recently, in a 2007 Broadway revival that earned it four Tony nominations. On March 16th, Reboot and Seattle Public Theater bring “110 in the Shade” to Seattle audiences with a fresh and relevant take on the 50s classic that rethinks traditional and expected gender roles. The production, which runs until 9 April, is directed and choreographed by Scotsman Charles Anderson.

If you’re a fan of “Reservation Dogs,” the seminal hit hailed among the best shows on TV right now (seriously, watch it. It’s that good), then you can’t miss the opening of “Between Two Knees” at the Bagley Wright Theater on March 3. The play — which has already created a lot of buzz and is sure to be one of Seattle Rep’s highlights this year — is the first by The 1491s, the intertribal sketch comedy group behind the TV show. The play is a journey through historical events from the 19th century to the end of the 20th century, and serves as a subversive and entertaining lesson on the history of natives that has been erased from most textbooks. With their keen eye for storytelling and commitment to telling those stories through an Indigenous lens while celebrating Indigenous talent, The 1491s have earned the appreciation and loyalty of fans and critics alike. This production of “Between Two Knees”, which runs until March 26, is directed by Eric Ting and choreographed by Ty Defoe.

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Finally, one of the reasons to get excited about theater in March is a limited run that will absolutely be a joy to experience—the kind of event that we usually have to wait until June for, but that so many of us wish we could enjoy all year round. SPU Teater celebrates queer voices and stories with a series of one-acts, live for one week only at Studioteatret, from 7 to 11 March. Pride is year-round, and this is one of many opportunities this year to celebrate and listen to queer storytellers.

Johannes Saca is a writer living in Seattle. Instagram/Twitter: @JohannesSaca

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