I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a police officer – Chicago Tribune

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a police officer – Chicago Tribune
I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a police officer – Chicago Tribune

A front-page story on Saturday included a photo of a police officer hailing the ambulance carrying the body of slain officer Andres Vasquez-Lasso (“Accused shooter of slain officer held without bond”). Look closely at the equipment the officer is wearing; we can see, among other things, a body camera, handcuffs, a radio, a holster and a gun. What we can’t see is the heavy bulletproof vest she’s also wearing. A policeman is equipped like a soldier in battle.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to work a shift several days a week and respond to unpredictable and life-threatening events.

No matter what equipment, gear or safety vest is used, behind it all is a person we depend on to protect us when we call them. Police officers and sheriffs are careers few people would or could do. Support law enforcement with the training and support they need.

Do you really think there is an alternative? So don’t call 911 the next time you have an emergency.

— Janet Wilmoth, Lisle

At 11:05 a.m. on Friday, I left the Walgreens on the corner of 103rd Street and Western Avenue. I was met by the procession for fallen officer Andres Vasquez-Lasso on my way to the southwest side.

Traffic stopped, a helicopter hovered overhead, residents of all walks froze, and uniformed Chicago police officers and firefighters stood at attention as a sea of ​​flashing blue lights passed silently by.

I realized in that moment that while the media will be focused on a mayoral race of black vs. white candidates in the coming weeks, it might just come down to blue.

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– Thom Cicchelli, Chicago

Neither Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown nor recent police inspectors did much oversight — they made excuses. I am in favor of the highest rank in the Chicago Police Department being sergeant. Each sergeant could supervise 20 officers each. (That’s a relatively light load compared to that of high school teachers.) Get rid of the white shirts. Hire office staff to do paperwork in each office with a sergeant as supervisor.

Let the newly elected police district boards carry out performance reviews and such executive functions. It would allow us to spend more money on training and other support for our frontline officers and their supervisors.

— Muriel Balla, Chicago

Our mayoral race looks set to be a more telling contest than expected. Early mayoral candidate Paul Vallas hitched the wagon to the Fraternal Order of Police and hasn’t so much as given a nod to the Latino and black voting blocs that make up two-thirds of the electorate, much less cultivated them.

The FOP also recently hosted the outspoken Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, as a guest speaker. It will be interesting to see how this in-your-face candidacy plays out in a two-thirds minority electorate with no remaining love for the FOP, a group that has resisted the federally mandated reform mandate.

It’s hard to see how this development bodes well for Chicago, much less for Vallas, who has no reservoir of support among minority citizens unless he counts on them not voting in the April runoff against his opponent.

— Ted Z. Manuel, Chicago

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The Lincoln Park Conservancy raised many millions of dollars for the restoration of the park’s North Pond and has largely completed it. The pond is now 9 feet deep in some parts and the water is in good condition.

It was amazing to watch as the work was done. Workers built steel fences around the pond, except for a small section at the south end. They also built tentative fences on the water level next to the shore. Geese, ducks and other waterfowl have enjoyed raising their young on this pond for decades, but now the young cannot go into the water.

The park should remove some fences so that geese and ducks can raise their young in the pond and we can enjoy watching them being raised.

– Mary Anderson, Chicago

Let’s all give Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, a big Chicago cheer and thank you. Choosing Chicago for a biotechnology research facility is a vote of confidence. The city can be proud.

—Carole Bogaard, Oak Lawn

The Tribune’s renaissance man, Ron Grossman, strikes again. This time, his piece was about former Chicago mayor Anton Cermak (“The father of Chicago’s political machine,” March 5). Name a topic and Grossman has it covered.

I think of his articles as written “TED Talks”: informative, well-researched, poetic prose.

Please rate a feature about Grossman. I am a Tribune reader, and I bet there are many others who would like to know more about this remarkably gifted writer.

—Bill Leece, Schaumburg

I have been reading the Tribune for 50 years. I have never commented on an article. I have to say that the article “Stop Making Sense” (March 5th) is the finest I have ever read. Kudos to Christopher Borrelli for an incredibly informative, thoughtful and comprehensive article. Well done.

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I will search for his previous work and look forward to his future pieces.

—David P. Cudnowski, Park Ridge

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