Does the guest have your manners?

Does the guest have your manners?
Does the guest have your manners?

HOUSTON – Behaving rudely in other people’s rooms is not only rude; it can also mean the difference between being invited back or paying for an expensive hotel the next time you’re in town.

Follow Monica and Darian Lewis’ FIVE rules Every guest in the house should follow to ensure you are invited back.

Don’t be that houseguest…

  1. Do not show up unannounced. This should be easy, but it is a real problem for some. Yes, you must notify us in advance and provide a fixed arrival and departure date for your stay. Don’t assume that friends or family can drop everything to accommodate you.

  2. Don’t hold the host hostage. Give your host some alone time during the day. If you are staying more than three days, make your own plans. Your host will appreciate the extra space and time. If you have made plans or agreements, pre-arrange the transport; Uber, Lyft or other car services are good options.

  3. Clean up what you mess up. It is common for a gracious host to offer to clean up after you. Do not take it for granted. You should try to keep the spaces you use, especially the bedroom and bathroom. Used towels should be placed in the laundry basket or folded carefully. Make your bed before you leave our room for the day.

  4. Don’t overstep your bounds. Resist the urge to rummage through other people’s belongings or give you unwanted choices about their parents or relationships. This can lead to conflict or worse. Instead, when you see the host dealing with a personal matter, take it as a signal to disappear:

    1. Watch TV in another room

    2. Go for a walk or run

    3. Read a book/ surf social media

  5. Thank the host – don’t just say it….Show it. Verbally thank the host for letting you stay. Also, amp it up with a thoughtful gift for the host. Gifts can include flowers, wine, chocolates, homemade treats, decorative towels or items from your hometown. You can have them delivered after your departure to show your appreciation.

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So don’t be “that” guest. And if you like your kids to learn etiquette, the Monica Lewis School of Etiquette is hosting a 3-day camp.

Manners Spring Fling

13 – 15 March

9:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m

For 6-13 years

Register for the event at the Monica Lewis School of Etiquette

Monica and Darian Lewis offer several classes, programs and etiquette training. You can learn more about them by visiting their website.

Watch their entire interview in the video above.

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