Distinct red van may have been used in multiple burglaries in Seattle, Edmonds

Distinct red van may have been used in multiple burglaries in Seattle, Edmonds
Distinct red van may have been used in multiple burglaries in Seattle, Edmonds

After an Edmonds cannabis store was smashed up by two suspects driving a red van this week, viewers came forward with new security video showing a similar van used in a West Seattle burglary.

At Dank’s Warehouse in Edmonds, boards still cover the windows, where the two burglars broke into the store early Thursday.

“They didn’t get far in here, just because we’re prepared for those things,” said Jon Jones, shift supervisor at Dank’s Warehouse, Edmonds.

Surveillance video from Dank’s shows one of two suspects breaking the glass from the outside of the van. At one point, the duo gets back into the van and slams it into the door to try and get inside. Jones says the two had to flee before they could get much of anything inside the store because an alarm brought police to the store quickly.

“If they keep doing this in Edmonds, they’re definitely going to be seen,” Jones said.

That’s exactly what may have happened in West Seattle. After seeing the photos of the van at Dank’s, a viewer came forward with security video from another break-in. They believe it may show the same thieves at work at a True Value Hardware Store there.

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The person wanted to remain anonymous, but shared the video of a similar red van parked outside the store. The video shows two men getting out of the van and prying open the front doors of the business with some tools. After forcing their way in, they go to the back of the store to cut open a safe, stealing everything inside.

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“People are targeting more than just pot shops.” Jones said. “Looks like these people are hitting on anyone and everyone.”

A side-by-side comparison of the van from the Dank’s Warehouse robbery in Edmonds and the hardware store in Seattle shows that the vehicles used in each case look similar. An employee at Dank says that the sliding door and the color look the same.

Looking at the suspects, the jackets used in the hardware burglary are similar to one used in the Dank burglary. Jones says similarities between height and weight are more difficult to establish.

“It’s hard to say, our video was from a pretty unique angle,” he says.

FOX 13 asked Edmonds and Seattle Police if they were looking into whether the cases at the hardware store and Dank’s Warehouse were related. A spokesperson said the SPD had not yet received the surveillance images.

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Jones says a similar-looking red van was also used in a smash-and-grab at another smoke shop near Dank’s Warehouse the same night it was targeted.

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“There would be a lot of red minivans doing crime out there. If there were separate people, it would be pretty crazy,” Jones said.

Edmonds police told us that due to state law, they could not chase the suspects when officers arrived at Dank’s Warehouse. This despite the fact that it may have been possible for officers on the scene to pursue them and make an arrest due to the quick police response.

Business owners want everyone to be on the lookout for the red van, which Jones says may have some rear end damage after it was used to ram into the doors and windows outside the Edmonds store.

Anyone who knows where the van is, or who may be responsible for the burglaries, is asked to contact Edmonds Police.

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