Audio Reveals Joe Mixon’s Personal Trainer Called 911 to Alert Police of ‘Multiple Gunshots’

Audio Reveals Joe Mixon’s Personal Trainer Called 911 to Alert Police of ‘Multiple Gunshots’
Audio Reveals Joe Mixon’s Personal Trainer Called 911 to Alert Police of ‘Multiple Gunshots’

By Alastair Talbot for Dailymail.Com

01:56 09 March 2023, updated 01:56 09 March 2023

Police have released an audio recording of Joe Mixon’s personal trainer, Sean Pena, calling 911 to alert police of “several gunshots” outside the NFL star’s home before “a gun was fired at teenagers” who were playing with stun guns near the property.

Earlier this week, Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputies visited the home of the Bengals running back in Anderson Township, Ohio, after responding to a “shots fired” call in the residential area.

An unidentified juvenile was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries from a gunshot wound.

Pena, who is a performance enhancement specialist with clients in the NFL, MLB and NBA, immediately called 911 from “my athlete’s” home and reported that “kids” were playing near the house and that they had blocked the road with their cars. .

“A kid was running around brandishing a gun and he went back to his car and it looked like it was a fake gun,” Pena said at the start of the 911 call, first obtained by TMZ Sports.

Joe Mixon’s trainer, Sean Pena, called 911 to report shots fired right by the athlete’s home
The shooting at Mixon’s home resulted in a minor injury to a juvenile, who was hospitalized
The Bengals running back currently lives in Anderson Township, Ohio – a suburb of Cincinnati

“But then I kept looking, looking, looking, and then he screamed something and he went back to his car and pulled out another gun.”

“It looked like a Kel-Tec or something, and he ran up the back of this house that he’d been walking up and down and said, “F*** yeah.”’

Pena then confirmed to the 911 operator that he heard five back-to-back gunshots before three vehicles belonging to some of the teenagers “took off.”

“They’ve been going back and forth, back and forth,” he added, suggesting the teenagers have been seen in the neighborhood several times in the past. “They had the road blocked. There were girls who drove a certain car and boys… and everything…

“A guy, he ran up into the grass between the athlete’s house and the other neighbor’s house and I heard him yell something while he was swinging a gun and then I heard ‘pop pop pop pop pop!’

The police later clarified that one of the teenagers had a gunshot wound to the foot and initially refused medical attention because his father is a doctor.

Authorities also said in a police report that a shell casing was found in Mixon’s yard, confirming that the 26-year-old’s home is “part of the crime scene.”

It is unclear if Mixon was involved, or if he himself was on the property at the time of the incident.

“We hope to provide a more comprehensive update on the investigation later this week,” a Hamilton County Sheriff’s spokesperson said in a public statement.

Mixon’s sister, Shelona, ​​claims the athlete was not involved in the shooting, according to a WLWT anchor
Police found a skull cast in the yard of Mixon’s home, and classified the property as a “crime scene”

As of Wednesday evening, no arrests related to the incident have been made and Mixon is not currently facing any charges. The Cincinnati Bengals have also been silent on the matter.

Mixon’s sister, Shelonda, maintained her brother’s innocence to Cincinatti’s WLWT.

‘#Police tape wrapped in front of home listed as Joe Mixon incident report in early February in another case. Tonight I spoke with Mixon’s sister Shelonda. She tells me that Joe was not involved in the shooting Monday night that injured a teenager. Deputies still there,’ tweeted Mike Dardis, news anchor for the local Ohio outlet. has reached out to both the Bengals and Pena for comment.

Mixon, who could face the ax from the Bengals after his recent legal troubles, was charged with menacing after allegedly pointing a firearm at a woman on Jan. 21, though the charge was dropped last month. The incident is said to have been a road rage incident.

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